Welcome to the RITOY blog!

On June 4, 2015, I got one of the greatest surprises of my life when, in a surprise ceremony at North Smithfield Elementary School, I was honored as Rhode Island’s Teacher of the Year for 2016. To say that I was honored and humbled would be an understatement, mostly because I know so very many amazing educators and to be the person chosen to represent them is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Providence Journal article

I know this year will be a whirlwind (it already has been!) and I fully intend to take advantage of everything this honor has to offer. As I think about my role and what I want to accomplish, it always comes back to making and establishing strong connections. One of my greatest assets as a teacher has been establishing personal connections with my students, their families, and with my wonderful colleagues.

The purpose of this blog is to begin to expand my connections with more amazing educators and share, share, share.  No one stands alone in education. I plan to share my biggest take aways from this year with you and my best hope is that you share your expertise with me.

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