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As RITOY, I have already had so many amazing opportunities.  The latest one included being interviewed for a Podcast by Sung Lee, founder of

Sung Lee

Sung Lee. Connect with him on Twitter @iesunglee 

Sung, a former educator, hosts bi-weekly podcasts dedicated to sharing stories of inspiring educators from all walks of life.  He started this project to provide a voice to the many dedicated educators around the country.   He believes many of these educators receive little recognition, but their labor of love is ultimately manifested in the success and happiness of their students. He uses his website, Podcasts, and Twitter account to highlight and share the work of what he describes as education’s “unsung heroes”.

The work Sung does is work I fully support and believe in. I love listening to his podcasts because I always find inspiration from fellow educators and believe that there is great power in learning from one another.  I also love how he shines a light on the positive work educators do.  He is a cheerleader for teachers and their students. He offers a voice for education that is supportive and uplifting.  We definitely need more of that in education.

Click here to hear my Podcast with Sung Lee.

Visit the InspiringEducators website to hear more podcasts and be inspired by educators around the country.

Want a way to share your weekly teaching successes? Each Friday, Sung invites educators to share a highlight from the week- either an exciting moment in teaching, a success with parents or the community, a long awaited breakthrough – on Twitter.  Post your best weekly moment on Twitter with the hashtag #FlyHighFri to finish the week on a high note.


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