District Teacher of the Year

The District Teacher of the Year cohort is a group of district selected educators who receive professional development and leadership training throughout the year, collaborate with DTOY’s from across the state, learn about the State Teacher of the Year Program and have the option to apply to the be 2017 Teacher of the Year.


We honor and celebrate the educators who have been named as District Teachers of the Year for 2015-2016.  Click here for a full list of recipients.

We are hoping to expand the role of our District Teachers of the Year using feedback from the cohort.  Current responsibilities and opportunities for DTOYs can be found in this document.

Our three cohort meetings for this year are scheduled for November 12, January 14, and March 3.  All meetings will be held at the Rhode Island Foundation from 4-6pm. Throughout the year, we will host guest speakers from RIDE as well as our Rhode Island Teacher of the Year alumni and explore various topics such as the 2016 RI Equity Plan and Outreach and Communication.

November 12th Agenda


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